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22nd International Conference
on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia

Vienna, Austria


The pandemic has clearly shown that there is still no substitute for a personal gathering yet. Conferences are essential for academic exchange and progress, but, of course, have a significant impact on an individual’s carbon footprint as they involve mobility. When planning your trip to the MUM conference in Vienna, we highly encourage you to consider traveling by train or night train instead of taking a short-distance flight. You will notice that in many cases the duration of the entire trip hardly differs and the comfort is even higher. Contrary to their image, trains can also be a cost-effective way to travel, especially if you book your tickets in advance. By choosing to travel by train, you can help us make a difference for the environment, considerably improve the carbon footprint of the event, and set a positive example for more sustainable conferences. We understand, however, that to reach Vienna from outside the EU, long-distance flights cannot yet reasonably be replaced by train connections. You will find information regarding flights to Vienna International Airport (VIE) below.

Train and Night Train

Due to its central location in the heart of Europe, Vienna makes it easy to be reached by train from many different European countries. The capital of Austria is well-connected and offers you a convenient way to travel without the hassle of security checks, check-in, and endless waiting at the airport. Instead, you can use your time on board effectively by studying the conference program, preparing your slides, or simply enjoying the beautiful scenery of Austria passing by as you travel. Moreover, Austria offers an extensive network of night trains that are a convenient and fast way to travel. This allows you to sleep during the journey and arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go.

You can easily travel to Vienna by Nightjet or EuroNight trains from the following European cities, as well as from others along the way:

Austria Vienna, Salzburg, Linz, Graz, Innsbruck
Belgium Brussels
Croatia Zagreb, Split
France Paris, Strasbourg
Germany Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart
Italy Florence, Rome, Verona, Lake Garda, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Genua, La Spezia & Cinque Terre
Netherlands Amsterdam, Utrecht
Switzerland Zurich, Basel

More information can be found here:

From the main station you can get to the venue using the underground/subway. You can buy tickets for the public transportation online or at any ticket machine in train and underground stations.

How to Get to the Venue from the Main Train Station?

From Vienna Airport to City Center

You can get to the central train station directly from the airport by train. ÖBB railjets connect Vienna International Airport with Vienna Main station, with a typical journey time of 15 minutes. These trains operate at half-hour intervals. The S7 suburban train line runs from the airport to the city with a frequency of every half hour. This service has more stops and a longer journey time compared to other options. Vienna Airport Lines (VAL) offers bus services from the airport to various central locations in Vienna, running at regular intervals. The City Airport Train (CAT) provides a more premium service from Vienna Airport to the city center. You can find the airport map here, as well as a detailed guide for all the different transportation options here. You can buy tickets for the public transportation online or at any ticket machine in train and underground stations.

How to Get to the Venue from the Airport?

Important dates

Aug 22
Aug 29
Short and full papers Submission Deadline
Aug 22
Aug 29
Workshops and Tutorials Submission Deadline
Sep 15 Student Volunteers Application Deadline
Sep 17 Workshop and Tutorials Decision Notification
Sep 29 Student Volunteers Decision Notification
Oct 5 Short and full papers Decision Notification
Oct 9
Oct 13
Submission Deadline
Oct 9
Oct 13
Submission Deadline
Oct 9 Doctoral Consortium Submission Deadline
Oct 17 Doctoral Consortium Decision Notification
Oct 20 Short and full papers Camera Ready
Oct 21 Demos
Decision Notification
Nov 2 Posters
Decision Notification

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