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21st International Conference
on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon tour

We invite all MUM attendees to go together for an informal walk around Lisbon on the way to the conference dinner at Faz Figura at 19:00. We have put together a simple route from the conference venue to the restaurant, and would suggest attendees leave together at 16:15 after the coffee break on Tuesday, November 29.

You can access a map for this route, which we briefly explain below:

  1. Start by walking towards the Metro station Cidade Universitária marked with a yellow pin and take the yellow line towards Rato, the last stop also (marked with a yellow pin). You will need a Metro card charged with two trips to complete this tour (2 x 1,50€) — one for this trip and one for the trip described in Step 3 below. You can buy the Metro card and trips at most Metro stations.
  2. After you leave the Rato Metro station follow what we describe as Walking path (A), which takes you past observation decks, churches, squares, and even the tasty pastéis de nata (marked with a D on the map). This walking path is approximately 3km and is mostly flat or downhill
  3. Once you have reached Praça do Comércio by the river (marked with a G), you can opt to take the Metro’s blue line between Terreiro do Paço and Santa Apolónia (blue pins), and walk the remaining 400m between Santa Apolónia and the Faz Figura restaurant – described as Walking path (B)
  4. If you feel like doing a bit more sightseeing on the way to the Faz Figura restaurant, you can follow Walking path (optional) instead of taking the Metro described in Step 3 above. This adds approximately 2km to your trip, and is slightly uphill.
  5. Conference dinner at 19 (map).

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