Leuven, Belgium

Posters and demos sessions

At MUM2021, we are organizing two poster and demo sessions. One is optimized for physical attendance and one is optimized for virtual attendance. During the session optimized for physical attendance, physical and virtual presenters will present to physical attendees. During the session optimized for virtual attendance, all presenters will be virtually presenting to virtual attendees. Below you find an overview of the posters and demos that will be presented at MUM2021.


  • Poster 1: Exploring Collective Physiology Sharing as Social Cues to Support Engagement in Online Learning
  • Poster 2: Affective Umbrella – Towards a Novel Sensor Integrated Multimedia Platformusing Electrodermal and Heart activity in an Umbrella Handle
  • Poster 3: FamilyFlower: an Artifical Flower to Foster Distant Family Connections
  • Poster 4: Have the Same Perspective as Someone Else, so I'm the Person?: The Effect of Perspective on Empathic Orientation in Virtual Reality
  • Poster 5: ChromaBot - Prototyping Soft Robotic Actuators with Integrated Electrochromic Displays
  • Poster 6: XR4ISL: Enabling Psychology Experiments in Extended Reality for Studying the Phenomenon of Implicit Social Learning
  • Poster 7: Software Architecture Based on Web Standards for Gesture Input with Smartwatches and Smartglasses
  • Poster 8: Exploring 3D Landmark-based Map Interface in AR Navigation System for City Exploration
  • Poster 9: Using Heuristic Evaluation in Immersive Virtual Reality Evaluation
  • Poster 10: User-Elicited Gestural Interaction With Future In-Car Holographic 3D Displays
  • Poster 11: Exploring potential gestures for controlling an eye-tracker based system
  • Poster 12: Augmented museum experience through Tangible Narrative
  • Poster 13: The TikTok Tradeoff: Compelling Algorithmic Content at the Expense of Personal Privacy
  • Poster 14: Mobile Displays for Cross-Reality Interactions between Virtual and Physical Realities

  • DC Poster 1: Electric body - Designing Interactions for Motor Learning
  • DC Poster 2: The Use of Collaborative Media as Part of Societal Crises
  • DC Poster 3: Technology and Publicness


  • Demo 1: Demonstrating a Memory Orb — Cylindrical Device Inspired by Science Fiction
  • Demo 2: CleanLeaf Table: Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 through Smart Surfaces
  • Demo 3: TV-watching Companion Robot Supported by Open-domain Chatbot "KACTUS"
  • Demo 4: Popup Observation Kit for Remote Usability Testing

Important dates

Aug 6 Short and full paper title + abstract deadline
Aug 13 Short and full paper submission deadline
Sep 28 Notification (papers)
Sep 23
Sep 28
Pictorials submission deadline
Sep 15
Oct 4
Workshop and tutorial submission deadline
Oct 8 Poster and Doctoral Consortium submission deadline
Oct 8
Oct 15
Demo submission deadline
Oct 15 Camera ready (papers)
Oct 22 Notification (pictorials)
Oct 22
Oct 29
Notification (demos, posters)
Oct 29
Nov 4
Camera ready (posters)
Oct 29
Nov 5
Camera ready (demos, pictorials)
Nov 7
Nov 14
Early bird deadline
Dec 5 -Dec 8 MUM 2021 in Leuven, Belgium

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