17th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia
Cairo, Egypt     Nov 25 - Nov 28, 2018


Workshop Day November 25, 2018


Nov 25

Multimedia Ubiquitous Technology for Opportunistic Social Interactions

This workshop will discuss how different multimedia applications and interaction techniques have been employed to support public sociality—from collocated interactions to social awareness and feeling of community. Participants will discuss recent work and join hands-on design activities to envision new ways for potential users to discover and learn how to use ubiquitous technologies for opportunistic social interactions.

Organizers: Beatrice Monastero, Giulio Jacucci, Tapio Takala, Thomas Olsson, Robb Mitchell, Andrés Lucero



Nov 25

Workshop on Amplified and Memorable Food Interactions

Cooking has the potential to bring joy, a sense of achievement and social presence to interested individuals. Food properties such as scent and taste are rich cues to the state of the cooking process, as well as, memory cues to past situations and people. Thus, optimal methods to capture and present them is an on-going research challenge. In this workshop, we bring researchers, amateur cooks, and designers together to explore two research questions: 1) how does our amplified perception of food temperature support the creation of a joyful cooking experience?, and 2) how can we use food cues to enhance our sense of joy, empower reminiscence and nudge communication between individuals?. We aim through this event to foster a research community that uses food interaction as a medium to promote joyfulness and social wellbeing of individuals.

Organizers: Passant El.Agroudy, Yomna Abdelrahman, Sarah Faltaous, Stefan Schneegass, Hilary Davis



Nov 25

Character Computing: Theory and Practice

Now that most daily endeavors have migrated to computers and the Internet, having systems that adapt to users is a rising trend. By detecting and adapting to the user’s traits and character instead of only the current states, there is great potential for novel user experiences. Character Computing which was introduced in [3] aims at leveraging various advanced sensing and processing technologies to detect the building blocks of user’s traits and states and in turn adapt to them or mimic them. In this workshop the different aspects of Character Computing are to be discussed from an interdisciplinary perspective taking computational and psychological accounts into consideration in order to strengthen already investigated and potential applications as well as the theoretical foundation and challenges of Character Computing.

Organizers: Alia El Bolock, Jailan Salah, Yomna Abdelrahman, Cornelia Herbert, Slim Abdennadher